I’ll Take Care of You

This was probably nothing at all like you wanted, but I tried…

The blonde girl took in a deep breath, never realizing it before but the Palm Woods had a distinct smell of various kinds of fruit smoothies, coffee, and pool chlorine. 

She truly missed it.

Jo was on break from shooting and decided that there was no better place to spend her vacation than at her old home with all of her friends that she had come to miss during her stay in New Zealand. Walking through the lobby, she saw a lot of unfamiliar faces as well as the familiar ones. She broke out into a grin when she spotted a brunette girl sitting on one of the couches with a script in her hand.

Jo tip-toed behind her, holding back laughs when Camille still hadn’t noticed her presence. “Camille!”

The brunette screamed, jumping from her seat and facing a laughing Jo with wide eyes. “Oh my god!” She exclaimed, smile breaking out across her face. “You bitch! What are you doing here?” She ran to the blonde, nearly tackling her in a hug.

Jo giggled, hugging her best friend back. “I got some time off so I decided to come here and visit you, the Jenifers, Kendall and the guys…” She trailed off, grinning at the thought of seeing Kendall again. She had been trying to downplay it since she decided she was going to California in case things went bad, but now that she was so close, she couldn’t help but be a little excited.

However, Camille’s smile fell at the mention of him. “Jo…you don’t know…?”

Jo’s brows came together, smile falling slightly. “Know what?”

The actress bit her lip, glancing at the pool area before gently pulling Jo to the entrance as she silently pointed at one of the cabanas. Jo was confused. She wasn’t sure what Camille was making such a big deal about.

In the cabana sat Kendall and Logan, just talking like they normally would.

"I don’t see what’s…"

"Look closer." Camille instructed.

So she did. She took note of the pink and blue smoothies on the table in front of them and how they were leaning just a little closer than needed in their secluded corner, but Kendall and Logan had always been close. They probably just wanted to make sure that whatever they were saying stayed between-

Then she saw what Camille meant.

Logan leaned over, closing the space between them and pressed his lips to Kendall’s, and the plaid-wearing teen was kissing his back, dimples prominent as he smiled into the lip lock. “What? I mean, how? They’re…!” The blonde actress could barely comprehend it.

Camille pulled her away before she could cause a scene. It took until they were outside the front of the Palm Woods where no one could hear them that Jo was finally able to speak. “What just happened?” Her voice came out high-pitched and frantic.

"Well, after you left, Kendall and Logan started hanging out more and last month they told everyone that they were dating." Camille summed up easily.

"But…but…Kendall was my boyfriend! How could he be gay?" The brunette couldn’t offer an answer for that one, and watched with sympathetic eyes as Jo sank into a nearby bench. "Something isn’t adding up here." Her eyes narrowed slightly with suspicion.

"Jo…" Camille said gently, sitting next to her friend. "I don’t think anything’s up. Kendall’s just moved on. He loves Logan now."

Jo glared at Camille, making the brunette’s eyebrows lift in surprise. Before either of them could speak again, the subjects of their conversation came through the entrance, laughing as Kendall carried Logan bridal style an the brunet insisting that Kendall put him down because he wasn’t a girl.

Jo was glaring, but Camille was grinning at the pair. “Hey, guys, look who’s back!”

The couple looked up and their eyes went wide. “Jo!” Logan barely had the name leave his lips before he was falling to the pavement. Kendall looked down at his boyfriend, frantically apologizing. “Sorry, Logie.” He said helping the genius up.

Logan winced slightly, but smiled at the blond anyway. “It’s okay.” He then turned to the two girls on the bench with an awkward smile. “So…when did you get back?”

Jo shrugged, friendly smile suddenly returning. “A few minutes ago, and I was…surprised to hear about you two…dating.”

Logan chuckled nervously, turning towards a still silently gawking Kendall. “Yeah, for a while now.”

Jo turned to Kendall as well. “So…this is for real? You’re dating him?

The taller boy’s shock finally faded at the tone Jo was using. “What do you mean?” He asked, brows furrowing.


"The way you said him just…” Kendall let out a small laugh. “it sounded kind of…rude.”

"It’s okay, Kendall…" Logan tried to cut in but Camille hissed his name, shaking her head as if to say let the situation play out. So the genius stayed quiet.

"I was just saying," Jo continued, "that Logan doesn’t really seem like your type.”

The other blond’s eyes narrowed. “My type?” He nearly yelled. “And what is my type, Jo?”

"Confident, independent, fun!" Jo stood up, stepping toward Kendall. "I just don’t get it! I mean, I’m not trying to offend Logan or anything—he’s great, but how did you go from me to him?"

Kendall’s glare softened and he sighed. “Jo…you are all of those things, and we had a great time together. I thought I was really falling for you.” He then turned to Logan with a smile as he wrapped an arm around the short boy’s shoulders. “But Logan is all of those things too, and I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out how amazing he is, but I’m just glad I did. I love him.”

Logan was blushing, head bowing to hide from the attention. Jo was frowning as she sighed. “Do you think that if I hadn’t moved things would be different?” She asked quietly.

"Honestly, Jo?" Kendall bit his lip, glancing down at his boyfriend. "I think I would have figured it out eventually."

The blond girl nodded, appreciating the hug Camille was giving her from behind, giving a smile to the brunette who smiled in return. “I guess I can live with that.” She sighed then turned to Logan. “Take care of him?”

The smart boy nodded, wrapping his arms around Kendall’s middle. “Of course.”

Camille released Jo, allowing her to walk away and was about to follow until Kendall stopped her. “Take care of her, Camille.” He smirked.

The actress smirked as well, giving a wink to the pair before leaving.

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